Coaching and Mentoring:

“If you want to build the Practice and Life of your Dreams – and are prepared to work hard… call me”

Do you want to gain greater success, fulfilment, growth and joy in your life? Where will you be in one year or five years if you keep doing what you are doing currently?

It is interesting that chiropractors graduate from chiropractic college and are ready to change the world and make a great living, yet it often seems something is missing…. You were a good student, you sat in the business classes, you are a good adjuster (or maybe on your way to becoming one) and yet something is missing.

Success leaves clues, and it’s often hard to see it when you are in it. All great athletes (except Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios) have a coach to assist the development of their game. Some of the greats have several coaches and mentors, e.g. a fitness coach, a mind coach (these are now huge in sport), a diet coach, and specialist coaches for specific areas of their game. For example in tennis this could be a coach to specifically help the serve, in golf it could be one coach for the tee shot and a different coach for putting.

During my 11 years of full time practice I had three chiropractic coaches. As president of two chiropractic colleges over a 14 year period I regularly worked with business mentors who had walked in my shoes before.

​A study published in Scientific American looked at the ‘best of the best’ athletes in the world - those that won gold medals at the Olympics. Their conclusion: the best of the best used coaches for both technical improvements, and also for emotional support. Comparison for chiropractors? To get to the top, it’s not just your great adjustments and office procedures - you need a coach and mentor, someone who can help guide you on the way, and hold you accountable.

Art Markman, PhD., a Professor of Psychology and Marketing at the University of Texas at Austin commented on Olympic athletes and their coaches. He said, ‘it’s not good just having a coach, you actually have to listen to them’. ‘The reason some people resist’ said Professor Markman, ‘is they might then have to admit that what they were doing wasn’t right’.

I’d like to think there’s not necessarily a right or a wrong way, but a ‘best’ way for you to achieve the outcomes you desire.

Usain Bolt, one of the greatest athletes of our generation, was asked about his coach, Glen Mills. He simply said “He has always made the right decisions for me. He is a guiding light in my career and he has shown me the way to improve myself both as a person and as an athlete.”

I remember early in practice thinking about getting a coach. Many insecurities went through my mind at the time. But finally, after procrastinating too long I thought of Nike, ‘Just Do It”. It was the best decision and investment I ever made.

The model I have developed primarily involves mindset and strategy.

Mindset + strategy + hard work = results and success.

Firstly, you can have anything you set your mind to, if you know what that is. Secondly, you chart the course and you are prepared to do the work.

This model is not about goal setting and affirmations, nor is it about building a big clinic. These things may occur, but it’s about looking at your whole life and seeing where you want your professional career to fit in. In essence, it is very holistic. It goes much deeper into your mind and uses contemporary neuroscience to access the power of your mind to achieve new and unprecedented results.

Chiropractic Coaching Services … you choose

1. One day practice evaluation.

2. Chiropractic Success manual.

3. The Inner Game of Chiropractic – One day seminar

4. Gold Coaching Program

5. Platinum Coaching Program

6. Retreat Weekends

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Dr Brian Kelly

One Day Practice Evaluation

I can spend a day in your practice and give you immediate feedback on how to increase the quality of your patient care, increase your patient volume, fine tune your systems and procedures, improve effectiveness of your communication, review staffing, and explore how to align your philosophy with your practice. This one-day service will include a report with written recommendations that you can implement “Monday morning”. This Evaluation will immediately assist your effectiveness, perspective and profitability.

Investment: $3,000 (plus travel)

Chiropractic Success Manual

A complete system for setting up and developing a new practice, or a practice in the early growth phase. The manual includes setting up an office, leasing versus buying, employing professionals, hiring staff, an office policy manual that you can customize for your individual practice, front desk systems manual with scripts, education program for patients, philosophy development to better understand and communicate chiropractic, business development, 21st century marketing, statistics templates to set goals and measure your progress with, mindset for success, and much more.

Investment: $3,500​

Gold Coaching Program

A detailed and intensive program that will help you identify your major goals in your practice and your life and how to get there! We will develop a road map of how to achieve your goals. This is not just a strategic program. Far from it. The essence of this program is simple: Mindset and Strategy to achieve success. The program also includes a holistic model that explores the 10 areas of your life, and helps you build and actualize a life and practice plan. It is not a ‘quick fix’ practice building endeavor. However increased practice growth and profitability will follow from your efforts.

The program includes weekly scheduled calls, monthly webinar topics and the materials you need to achieve your goals. Clients enrolled in this program get complementary registration for their entire team to the one-day The Inner Game of Chiropractic Seminars.

Clients are also invited to attend the three weekend programs per year where they get to work with like-minded chiropractors and get to further their professional and personal development.

Investment: $10,000 per annum.

Platinum Coaching Program

The Platinum Coaching program includes all the benefits of the Gold program and more. But in addition you get a higher level of access of Dr. Kelly so you can move quicker through your growth. Platinum clients also get a 50% discount on the retreat weekends.

Investment: $15,000 per annum

Retreat Weekends

These retreat weekends are for people who wish to have a deeper personal growth experience and understand more about themselves and chiropractic. They are more than just headspace, we will teach you how to access the subconscious mind as you realize that affirmations alone haven’t worked. They are also an opportunity to spend with chiropractors who are committed to building the practice and life of their dreams. These will begin in early 2018

Fees and locations TBC

Fill out the Client Enquiry Questionnaire by clicking below - ​let's see if we're a good fit. Email it to drkelly@c1forsuccess.com

Dr Brian Kelly