About Dr Brian Kelly

Dr Brian Kelly

My first 25 years in chiropractic have been the most exciting of my life. I built a successful multidoctor practice in Melbourne, Australia working with some of the best chiropractic coaches in the world.

I was President of 2 chiropractic Colleges (in New Zealand and the U.S.) helping them achieve incredible growth and change. Being part of a Research Foundation Board for over a decade including 6 years as President gave me insights into greater possibilities for evidenced informed subluxation focused practice.

I studied Business for 2 years at Waikato University learning models of business, and I travelled and met chiropractors in Canada, the USA, England, Scotland, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Argentina, France, Switzerland, India, and Australia.

Speaking on the coaching program seminars of some of the leading chiropractic consulting firms in the world, I was blessed with the opportunity to speak on The Masters Circle, New Beginnings, Powerful Practices, Elite Coaching, Schofield Chiropractic Coaching, Maximized Living, TLC, Assistants for Chiro’ Excellence, Chiropractic Cash Practice, and Dynamic Essential Seminars. The people running these outstanding programs are both friends and colleagues.

Having helped many people WITH chiropractic care, having helped many people BECOME chiropractors and having BUILT chiropractic colleges, I have specialized as a turnaround guy who can inspire people to do greater things . I am now working with chiropractors who want to achieve the practice and life of their dreams. If this is you, and you are prepared to work hard, I can help you.